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26. February 2009


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I am once again reminded of thoughts of protection this past week as life came to a stop when I focused all of my thoughts and energy into taking care of my sick daughter.  Every day my daughter was sick was another day in which I longed for the ability to take her pain away and keep her safe, happy, and healthy.

I had a dream when Hannah was only a few months old.  In this dream I was able to put her body back inside of my body in order to protect her and keep her safe from some form of exterior/outside source of danger.  This dream stuck with me and has inspired some work and ideas about this special supernatural ability.

These images are from a shared sketch book of Hannah’s and mine. Together we took turns tracing different parts of our bodies.  With me always making an effort to trace her hands and feet inside the tracings of my hands and feet.





I love these simple small works on paper, especially the quick gestural crayon marks made by Hannah when she was one year old.

Artist Barbara Yontz also helped me trace my body when I was seven and eight months pregnant.  And after the birth of my daughter I traced her body for the first eight months of her life.



This set of tracings has led to a sketch for a fabric installation juxtaposing the two tracings of our bodies.


And the tracing of Hannah’s body at one month led to a new piece still in progress.  This back-lit soft  sculpture captures the image of my daughter’s body inside an embryo like environment.   Her body is mapped by primary colored fabric in the design of a severe thunderstorm pattern found in weather reporting.  Another source that fuels my anxiety and my desire to keep Hannah safe. 


12. February 2009

The Cradle Project Book

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Last spring I  participated in an exhibition called The Cradle Project

The Cradle Project was an art installation composed of over five hundred cradles made by artists from around the world.  This exhibition was created by founder Naomi Natale to raise awareness and financial support for the estimated 48 million orphaned children in Sub-Saharan Africa due to disease and poverty.

Each cradle was sponsored for at least one hundred dollars.  Along with auctioning some of the cradles, The Cradle Project also raised money by choosing seventy cradles to be featured and published in a book called The Cradle Project: Benefiting the FireLight Foundation.

My cradle was chosen!




thecradleprojectbook.jpg page82.jpg

I was honored to be chosen and even more honored to participate in an exhibition that gave me an opportunity to use my artwork for a greater purpose.

I hope to be involved in more exhibits like this one, or even coordinate one myself.

All proceeds from this exhibition went to The FireLight Foundation.  The FireLight Foundation awards grants to grassroots programs providing food, shelter, eduction, and health care to orphaned and sick children in Sub-Saharan Africa due to poverty and HIV/AIDS.  Thanks to The Cradle Project this foundation can award $90,000 to these programs!

To learn more about this exhibition and foundation, see more of the cradles, make a donation, or purchase a copy of the book please visit www.thecradleproject.org.

8. February 2009

Hidden Treasure

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Nice find this morning while weeding the front flower bed.






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Hannah checking out the Rymer Gallery and 5th Avenue at the Saturday Night Art Crawl in Downtown Nashville.


Hannah looking down at the musicians and listening to the live music.

hannahlistening.jpg  musicians.jpg

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