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30. March 2009

Supporting local artisans and flea market vendors!

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Over the weekend my fellow creative/business partner Heather and I went around the city supporting our local artisans and vendors in hopes to gain a little inspiration and some ideas in return.

Our first stop was in East Nashville at the newly formed Walden Artisan Market located in an empty retail space on Eastland.  There was a handful of talented artists and contemporary craft people, many of them Etsy sellers.  Here I acquired this groovy gray and red mushroom hand-printed tee made by artist Mary Ink.


Next stop Plaza, our neighborhood art store, where Heather and I picked up a silkscreen kit to start our adventures printing on our handmade items!  Look for these new additions coming soon to our shop Gathering Spriggs.


Last stop Tennessee State Fairgrounds monthly Flea Market!

…and here are my flea market finds:


A set of yellow and white wicker shelves to display my teapot collection!


A super cute vintage metal highchair for Hannah’s favorite baby LaLa and two miniature Golden Books.



Also this vintage green polka dot terry cloth apron.


And this brown and white floral tablecloth that I plan to turn into a wrap skirt.


Our local excursion left me inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to create some unique handmade items for you.  I also recommend that you support your local artists and vendors by skipping the big box stores the next time you need a new piece of furniture, clothing,  or acessory for you or your home and head straight to the flea market or artisan fair instead!

21. March 2009

Bringing in the Spring

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Spring is slowly showing itself in Middle Tennessee.

I am always amazed and happy to see all the bright colors that are contrasting with the last brown and gray hues of winter.





I am always trying to bring the outdoors in and for the past five years of living here I use the resources of my little acre to bring some “Spring” inside to get me through the remaining cold and rainy days.

Here’s this years overstated attempt (it’s been a long winter…)


19. March 2009


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A large part of my creative process consists of hours spent playing around and experimenting in the studio.

This image is an experimental painting/print using loose tea leaves and tea bags.  Not sure where this will take me, but for now I am really liking the pattern that is forming as I build up layers and record time with every cup of tea I drink.


 And here are a few images of our cat Nova doing what cats do best… nesting on what you don’t want them to nest on.







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