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15. August 2013

Vintage Paper Doily Placemat Stencil Project

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paper doily stencil project

paper doily stencil project

Hello All,

Let me just take a minute to blow the dust off this ol’ unused blog of mine.

Ok, now I am ready to show you my little paper doily craft project I whipped up today in my kitchen!

I have an amazing friend and neighbor that lovingly swaps out kid-sitting duties with me, and today was her day to take my youngest to play at her house this morning.

So I decided to set aside some of my free time today to be CREATIVE! Yay!

That same friend of mine recently gave me some cool vintage paper doily placemats from her yardsale a few weeks ago, and ever since I got my hands on them I have been wanting to use them in a creative way.

I soon thought of using them as stencils to embellish my kitchen cabinets.

My home was built in the early 1950’s and still (to my delight) has the original kitchen right down to the red vinyl countertops, retro silver knobs and cabinet pulls, white porcelian sink, and three beautiful glass light fixtures.

So I think a doily pattern stenciled on to the cabinets was a perfect way to give new life to my kitchen.

cabinets before stencil

cabinets before stencil

It was so easy!

I just taped the stencil on the bottom two cabinet doors below my 1950’s white porcelian sink.  And used a foam brush to dab paint on top of the paper doily stencil. I had two stencil patterns to choose from and I went with the one that had a more intricate pattern.


project supplies

project supplies

doilies taped in place

doilies taped in place

I only stenciled two of the cabinet doors, because in this house with two little girls the clutter builds up fast, and I don’t want to visually create to much pattern for my eyes.

my kitchen after stenciling!

my kitchen after stenciling!

close up

close up

I also decided to take the doors off the very top cabinets above the sink that really served no purpose.  Now they serve as a beautiful open shelving display for my ever growing vintage teapot and teacup collection.

newly opened shelving for displaying!

newly opened shelving for displaying!

I hope my little project inspires you today! And I hope to be able to post more of my creative endevours in the future so that this blog doesn’t continue to build up to much dust!

doily stenciled cabinet doors

doily stenciled cabinet doors

kitchen artwork and vintage plastic corn salt and pepper shakers

kitchen artwork and vintage plastic corn salt and pepper shakers



view out the kitchen window, how lucky am I

view out the kitchen window, how lucky am I

27. January 2012

Creativity during the Holidays

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I have had this blog post in my mind since the month of December began. I wanted to share some of the creative projects my family and I tackled over the holiday season. So I figured since I still have a few days left in January that it was not too late to post?

 I apologize for the inability to keep this blog current, and I really wish I had the time to keep this blog updated but I choose to designate my time to my family first. But none the less I still want this blog to be a place to share and inspire creativity, so I hope you all understand and that you are not currently burnt out on all things holiday.

So any-who here are some of the creative ways we spent celebrating the winter holiday season!




First ever attempt at homemade cinnamon rolls. We decided to make this a Christmas Eve tradition.


My daughters and I went out to the back field and cut some evergreen branches to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  I added some of my handcrafted fiber pom poms (which you can buy here.)



A sweet sculpted snowman for a birthday present for my daughters’ friend.



A Birthday Party!

My baby turned 1 on the 30th of December. We celebrated by having a small Mickey Mouse themed family birthday party! My oldest daughter LOVES birthday parties and she has become quite the party planner and hostess. We try and make as many homemade decorations as we can, so we had Dad print off some Mickey Mouse birthday themed coloring sheets for our main decor. And we made these really cute Oreo Mickey Mouse cupcakes!




My baby loves anything Italian to eat so we made baked ziti. And my mom brought homemade parmesan garlic rosemary bread and I added some fresh rosemary from my garden for garnish!


And last but not least our 2011 handmade Christmas card. Designed by my oldest daughter and carved/printed by me out of a rubber block (linoleum block printing). And embellished with googly eyes and a red bow by both of us.




From my family to yours we wish you Love and Joy for all of your Days!

I hope you had a creative end to your 2011 year.



18. October 2011

A Fall Birthday Party

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Here is a little peak at how we spent part of our weekend.  One of my daughter’s best friends turned six years old on Saturday.  And they celebrated by building her (and her younger sister) a house up in the trees down by the creek on their property.

The mother of my daughter’s friend is also one of my best friends and I offered to help decorate the outdoor tables. I took some fall colored fabric from my huge stash and also collected some marigolds and zinnias for the flower arrangements.


I am eager to use my flowers as much as I can this week because I believe we will be having our first frost very soon! And that will be the end of my 20″x20″ zinnia and marigold garden that has been blessing my family with beautiful warm colors all summer long!

The amazing mother/wife/host of this party also made these cute Hershey kiss and mini vanilla wafer acorn treats and some real cool funky meringue mushrooms!

It was a ridiculously gorgeous day and Hannah had a blast running from playing in the treehouse to playing in the 80’s rv camper they have set up down by the creek!

My baby girl also had fun meeting a new friend!


We ate some delicious chili and check out the really cool pumpkin cake! It was a special request from the birthday girl. A red velvet cake shaped like a pumpkin that was made by her great grandmother!

I also managed to paint a handful of children’s faces.



It was  a great day…unfortunately followed by a Sunday of nursing my daughter Hannah and holding her hair back while she got sick all day long from a stomach virus!

I hope your weekend was full of beauty, friendship and great health!


Oh and here is The Treehouse! (I was impressed by the fact that this was built in less than a week before the party!)


A picture of the treehouse and the Super Woman/Mother/Wife that made all of this happen!


My husband and oldest daughter checking out the treehouse!


5. October 2011

Paper Books and more Fiber Flower Pom Poms

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I am soooo lucky to get to be able to make things with my hands while staying at home everyday with my amazing daughters. And then if that was not blessed enough I get to take these things that I make and sell them here in downtown Leipers Fork.

And tomorrow when I make the drive southwest out to and in to the country I get to be accompanied by my good friend Heather Spriggs Thompson and my girls! The weather is going to be another awe-inspiring sunny and low 80 degree day for like the second week in a row! I feel like the bad weather in our lives gets so much attention and I wonder sometimes if we realize how many gorgeous days we do consistently have.

So I wanted to share my newest creations with you. I love salvaging and re using materials in my artwork and crafts. And here with these new paper books I am taking my experimental prints that did not quite make it into finished pieces and using them for book covers. I have completed four new blank paper books with over 30 pages of stonehenge paper for you to draw in, make lists in, write poetry in…whatever your mind desires!  So with out further introduction here are some photographs of my latest creations:








And I have also made two new batches of Fiber Flower Pom Poms in striking Red and pristine White!





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