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11. February 2013

Button Button Who Has the Button.

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I love how holidays motivate me to do creative things.

Here is a little peek at a sweet Valentine my girls and I made using materials we had on hand. 


The girls used watered down magenta paint and foam brushes to cover the canvases. On the painting on the right we used a towel to take off some of the paint creating an interesting texture.  The one on the left features some happy accidents, where fingerprints left some artistic marks on the background. A detail that I just love!

Then using the magenta paint I covered the girls hands and together they created a heart shape by overlapping their handprints. I also outlined the handprints in a heart as well.

The last step was gluing on the iridescent red and white hued buttons creating the letter “I” and the word “You”.

It was a fun and easy project that cost us zero $!

Also on the theme of buttons I am so excited to introduce a new line of vintage fabric creations.  This spring I will be listing in my Etsy shop new Cover Button Earring, Ring, and Pendant Sets. Most are made using vintage fabric.


I hope your New Year and the upcoming holidays inspire your creativity. 

Happy Creating!


18. October 2011

A Fall Birthday Party

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Here is a little peak at how we spent part of our weekend.  One of my daughter’s best friends turned six years old on Saturday.  And they celebrated by building her (and her younger sister) a house up in the trees down by the creek on their property.

The mother of my daughter’s friend is also one of my best friends and I offered to help decorate the outdoor tables. I took some fall colored fabric from my huge stash and also collected some marigolds and zinnias for the flower arrangements.


I am eager to use my flowers as much as I can this week because I believe we will be having our first frost very soon! And that will be the end of my 20″x20″ zinnia and marigold garden that has been blessing my family with beautiful warm colors all summer long!

The amazing mother/wife/host of this party also made these cute Hershey kiss and mini vanilla wafer acorn treats and some real cool funky meringue mushrooms!

It was a ridiculously gorgeous day and Hannah had a blast running from playing in the treehouse to playing in the 80’s rv camper they have set up down by the creek!

My baby girl also had fun meeting a new friend!


We ate some delicious chili and check out the really cool pumpkin cake! It was a special request from the birthday girl. A red velvet cake shaped like a pumpkin that was made by her great grandmother!

I also managed to paint a handful of children’s faces.



It was  a great day…unfortunately followed by a Sunday of nursing my daughter Hannah and holding her hair back while she got sick all day long from a stomach virus!

I hope your weekend was full of beauty, friendship and great health!


Oh and here is The Treehouse! (I was impressed by the fact that this was built in less than a week before the party!)


A picture of the treehouse and the Super Woman/Mother/Wife that made all of this happen!


My husband and oldest daughter checking out the treehouse!


16. September 2010

Laurel Leaf Gallery

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Yesterday I made another trip out to Historic Leipers Fork to Laurel Leaf Gallery to drop off some of my newly created baby and toddler silk-screened tees. 

I recently mentioned this gallery in my last post, but since I took my camera along to document my wares I decided to talk more at length about my participation and love for this new home for my artwork and hand made items.

This eclectic gallery is full of art, handmades, jewelry, stained glass, journals, fiber art, and gifts galore.  It is the type of boutique/gallery that one can spend a lot of time perusing through all that the gallery has to offer.  It is a multi-sensory experience to look, see and feel all the items that range in color and texture from leather bound journals, smooth stained glass to felt covered soap!

As I mentioned I also have an array of my handmades and artwork including silkscreen tees, handmade vintage style aprons, handmade journals, lotus flower books, nature prints, nature print card sets, handbags, a set of silkscreen place-mats, and some handcrafted rose topiary ornaments.  I am proud and honored to be one of Laurel Leaf Gallery’s main artists.

The gallery is owned and operated by Bethany Reiser.  She is an accomplished stain glass artist and fine jewelry maker.  I literally want to own every piece of jewelry she makes.  She uses beautiful semi-precious gemstones to create exquisite hand crafted necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.  Bethany’s jewelry has a sophisticated natural look that I am very much attracted to and I almost exclusively only purchase (or desire to purchase!) this type of jewelry for my own personal fashion aesthetic.

Bethany also creates beautiful stained glass window art as well as functional stained glass lamps.  Her work can be found at her gallery as well as in the Frist Center for the Visual Arts Gift Shop and “Shimai” at the Loveless Cafe Shops both located in Nashville, Tn.

I think it is well worth the trip to charming Leipers Fork.  And when visiting Laurel Leaf you will also find a lovely surprise.  The gallery has recently become two stories of creative loveliness.  Upstairs in what Bethany calls the Tree House you will find more of a Fine Art Gallery filled with quality oil and acrylic paintings from a handful of talented local middle Tennessee artists.  

Laurel Leaf Gallery is located at 4208 Old Hillsboro Rd, Leipers Fork, Tn. 

Hours  are Wednesday through Saturday from 10-5:00pm.

And Sundays from 1-5:00pm.

Here are a few snapshots I took of my work at the gallery yesterday. I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek window shopping experience.









9. November 2009

First Handmade in the Arcade.

I am winding down after a busy weekend participating in the first Artisan Market and Indie Craft Fair at the historic Arcade in downtown Nashville.

There was a great turn out and lots of energy to feed off of. Heather and I had a successful time with a new and improved Gathering Spriggs booth to work with and great new wares from us and our consignees!

We are planning on being there again in December during the first Saturday Art Crawl!













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