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15. August 2013

Vintage Paper Doily Placemat Stencil Project

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paper doily stencil project

paper doily stencil project

Hello All,

Let me just take a minute to blow the dust off this ol’ unused blog of mine.

Ok, now I am ready to show you my little paper doily craft project I whipped up today in my kitchen!

I have an amazing friend and neighbor that lovingly swaps out kid-sitting duties with me, and today was her day to take my youngest to play at her house this morning.

So I decided to set aside some of my free time today to be CREATIVE! Yay!

That same friend of mine recently gave me some cool vintage paper doily placemats from her yardsale a few weeks ago, and ever since I got my hands on them I have been wanting to use them in a creative way.

I soon thought of using them as stencils to embellish my kitchen cabinets.

My home was built in the early 1950’s and still (to my delight) has the original kitchen right down to the red vinyl countertops, retro silver knobs and cabinet pulls, white porcelian sink, and three beautiful glass light fixtures.

So I think a doily pattern stenciled on to the cabinets was a perfect way to give new life to my kitchen.

cabinets before stencil

cabinets before stencil

It was so easy!

I just taped the stencil on the bottom two cabinet doors below my 1950’s white porcelian sink.  And used a foam brush to dab paint on top of the paper doily stencil. I had two stencil patterns to choose from and I went with the one that had a more intricate pattern.


project supplies

project supplies

doilies taped in place

doilies taped in place

I only stenciled two of the cabinet doors, because in this house with two little girls the clutter builds up fast, and I don’t want to visually create to much pattern for my eyes.

my kitchen after stenciling!

my kitchen after stenciling!

close up

close up

I also decided to take the doors off the very top cabinets above the sink that really served no purpose.  Now they serve as a beautiful open shelving display for my ever growing vintage teapot and teacup collection.

newly opened shelving for displaying!

newly opened shelving for displaying!

I hope my little project inspires you today! And I hope to be able to post more of my creative endevours in the future so that this blog doesn’t continue to build up to much dust!

doily stenciled cabinet doors

doily stenciled cabinet doors

kitchen artwork and vintage plastic corn salt and pepper shakers

kitchen artwork and vintage plastic corn salt and pepper shakers



view out the kitchen window, how lucky am I

view out the kitchen window, how lucky am I

11. February 2013

Button Button Who Has the Button.

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I love how holidays motivate me to do creative things.

Here is a little peek at a sweet Valentine my girls and I made using materials we had on hand. 


The girls used watered down magenta paint and foam brushes to cover the canvases. On the painting on the right we used a towel to take off some of the paint creating an interesting texture.  The one on the left features some happy accidents, where fingerprints left some artistic marks on the background. A detail that I just love!

Then using the magenta paint I covered the girls hands and together they created a heart shape by overlapping their handprints. I also outlined the handprints in a heart as well.

The last step was gluing on the iridescent red and white hued buttons creating the letter “I” and the word “You”.

It was a fun and easy project that cost us zero $!

Also on the theme of buttons I am so excited to introduce a new line of vintage fabric creations.  This spring I will be listing in my Etsy shop new Cover Button Earring, Ring, and Pendant Sets. Most are made using vintage fabric.


I hope your New Year and the upcoming holidays inspire your creativity. 

Happy Creating!


7. February 2011

Back At It

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Oh! Hello All!

I am back after a long winter’s nap. Well…not really. Part of me wishes that was the case, but I took an extra long break from posting on my blog because I was wrapping up my second grandest creation of my time. I finished incubating my second daughter and delivered her in late December.

So now as I make room for her in our home I am clearing out clutter,  donating maternity clothes and re-assessing my wardrobe.  Which has left me with old clothes that NO one wants to wear.  And I can’t ever bring myself to throw any type of textile away in the trash.  So I am feeling the creative itch again and have come up with a little project.

Baby Elephant Stuffies made from a vintage elephant print tank top.



Oh it feels good to make something with my hands again!

As soon as the sun comes out and I can take some good images of these cuties they will be available here on my etsy shop Eve’s Eden.

9. November 2009

First Handmade in the Arcade.

I am winding down after a busy weekend participating in the first Artisan Market and Indie Craft Fair at the historic Arcade in downtown Nashville.

There was a great turn out and lots of energy to feed off of. Heather and I had a successful time with a new and improved Gathering Spriggs booth to work with and great new wares from us and our consignees!

We are planning on being there again in December during the first Saturday Art Crawl!













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