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18. October 2011

A Fall Birthday Party

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Here is a little peak at how we spent part of our weekend.  One of my daughter’s best friends turned six years old on Saturday.  And they celebrated by building her (and her younger sister) a house up in the trees down by the creek on their property.

The mother of my daughter’s friend is also one of my best friends and I offered to help decorate the outdoor tables. I took some fall colored fabric from my huge stash and also collected some marigolds and zinnias for the flower arrangements.


I am eager to use my flowers as much as I can this week because I believe we will be having our first frost very soon! And that will be the end of my 20″x20″ zinnia and marigold garden that has been blessing my family with beautiful warm colors all summer long!

The amazing mother/wife/host of this party also made these cute Hershey kiss and mini vanilla wafer acorn treats and some real cool funky meringue mushrooms!

It was a ridiculously gorgeous day and Hannah had a blast running from playing in the treehouse to playing in the 80’s rv camper they have set up down by the creek!

My baby girl also had fun meeting a new friend!


We ate some delicious chili and check out the really cool pumpkin cake! It was a special request from the birthday girl. A red velvet cake shaped like a pumpkin that was made by her great grandmother!

I also managed to paint a handful of children’s faces.



It was  a great day…unfortunately followed by a Sunday of nursing my daughter Hannah and holding her hair back while she got sick all day long from a stomach virus!

I hope your weekend was full of beauty, friendship and great health!


Oh and here is The Treehouse! (I was impressed by the fact that this was built in less than a week before the party!)


A picture of the treehouse and the Super Woman/Mother/Wife that made all of this happen!


My husband and oldest daughter checking out the treehouse!


9. October 2011

Fall @ the Farmers’ Market

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5. October 2011

Paper Books and more Fiber Flower Pom Poms

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I am soooo lucky to get to be able to make things with my hands while staying at home everyday with my amazing daughters. And then if that was not blessed enough I get to take these things that I make and sell them here in downtown Leipers Fork.

And tomorrow when I make the drive southwest out to and in to the country I get to be accompanied by my good friend Heather Spriggs Thompson and my girls! The weather is going to be another awe-inspiring sunny and low 80 degree day for like the second week in a row! I feel like the bad weather in our lives gets so much attention and I wonder sometimes if we realize how many gorgeous days we do consistently have.

So I wanted to share my newest creations with you. I love salvaging and re using materials in my artwork and crafts. And here with these new paper books I am taking my experimental prints that did not quite make it into finished pieces and using them for book covers. I have completed four new blank paper books with over 30 pages of stonehenge paper for you to draw in, make lists in, write poetry in…whatever your mind desires!  So with out further introduction here are some photographs of my latest creations:








And I have also made two new batches of Fiber Flower Pom Poms in striking Red and pristine White!





1. September 2011

Fiber Flowers

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My hands are warming up and they are busy again! These beautiful fabric flower ornaments will soon be available for the upcoming holidays on my Etsy shop: eve’s eden www.evepeachart.etsy.com and elsewhere!

These flowers are made in the same way you would make a Mexican Paper Tissue Flower craft except with a little more time and attention given to detail, like the fraying of the edges to give even more texture to this precious fiber flower.





These ornaments can be strung together to create fun whimsical garlands for your fireplace or hung outdoors perhaps at a wedding…oh or maybe held in the hands of a little flower girl!!

You could also hang these lil guys in windows, on doors and on your holiday trees!

You can even tie back your hair with them! Use them as photo props…there are lots of possiblities!

The best part to me is that I salvaged vintage fabric to create these lovely flowers. Fabric that would have been discarded and thrown into our landfills.

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